Please email for detailed information on all submissions.



All stories must be original concepts (adaptations of public domain stories are acceptable) and submitted in audio drama or screenplay format. If you are submitting a series, we require at least 2 written episodes and an outline for at least the first season. You must be open to critique.


Editors in the semi-pro community tend to be referred to as directors, and that’s not surprising with how much control they have over the show. If you would like to edit for us, please submit at least 5 minutes of a production you have already mixed. All music used on our shows must be royalty-free. Productions can be anywhere from 5 minutes long to an hour in the final mix, and are a major commitment to edit. You can edit on anything as long as what you edit sounds nice – among our editing programs are Audacity, Garageband, Goldwave, Audition, and ProTools. Productions are usually at minimum 128 kbps/44100 hz, stereo. You are generally required to maintain that the actors get their lines in on time and that the episodes come out on schedule.


We will post auditions for our shows as often as they come up. You can also check out Vocal Loco, the Voice Acting Alliance, and many other sites for auditions for other shows. Actors need to have clean-sounding mics, usually recording at 128kbps/44100 hz mono without pops or blowing out the mic. Our productions require 3 takes per line once you are cast.


Other Artists

Do you draw? Play music? Something else? Let us know, and we’d love to figure out how to incorporate you!


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