Good Old Days Radio Hour – Now Accepting Audio Play Script Submissions

We have just started a live-reading audio drama group and are looking for submissions to read and release online and through iTunes as a podcast. No one is making money off of this at current, but if we do end up making enough money down the line from this, so will the writers whose works we use.


To be considered:

+ Please format to audio play or film format. If I receive a submission not up to a minimum standard on either of these, I will send back an example of how it should look.

+ Double check for grammar and spelling errors. Nothing is more distracting. Make sure all the names are correct (for instance, when you suddenly decide Rose is now going to be named Jane and you realize there’s still a few times her name is wrong).

+ Check one more time for silly mistakes.

+ Scripts should be at least 4 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes in length (if you’re not sure, read it aloud without SFX).

+ Please use your real name or a pen name for credit – I will not accept internet handles, especially not handles I can’t pronounce.

+ Make sure you include your email address ON THE SCRIPT ITSELF (Title page should have the Title, Your Name, Email Address) so it doesn’t get lost and I can keep in touch with you.

+ Do not submit copywritten fan works. Adaptations of public domain works are fine, but I am looking for original content that I can release free of conscience.

+ Try to make sure every character has at least 5 lines (as we are all sitting in a circle and it’s sad to only have one line).

+ List any vocal specifications per character in either a separate document (well-labeled! Like ThisIsMyScript.pdf is the name of my script submission and ThisIsMyScript_VoiceSpecs.pdf is the label for voice specs that is never going to get lost because I labeled so well!) or  you can just put these in at the beginning of your script in the same file. Anything not specified will be left up to the director to decide. Even by specifying, it is possible that the director will want to take a different direction (or have to, depending on who is available).

+ Submit your finished and edited work to rar (dot) creation (at) gmail (dot) com. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be open to making additional edits per my request, as I only ask for what I think is necessary. I can receive PDFs, Google Docs, Final Draft files, and Microsoft Word files.

+ Once you have submitted, edited, and been accepted, we will keep your script on file for something we can use – depending on turnout – this could be at our next meeting or could be a year from now. As soon as your script has been recorded, we will send you an email to let you know it has been released.


By submitting your  script, you are permitting us the right to perform and release our audio version as we see fit. We reserve the right to make changes, though we will usually ask permission first (improv happens, though!). You will not receive any money as compensation for your work, unless the group begins to receive money, in which case it will be distributed as fairly as possible. You maintain all rights to your written word and can send it anywhere you’d like, but you do not own the audio version we will produce. You will be fully credited for your submission, and any inquiries about and potential awards for your script will be directed to you to the best of our abilities.



I look forward to your submissions!


– Kristy

Timm the Vampire: Episode 2 – In Which Everyone Speaks F***ing Spanish


Timm the Vampire: Episode 2 – in Which Everyone Speaks F***ing Spanish

This audio drama contains explicit material.

Timm and Dylan bring the dead whore back to life and grant her one last wish – to watch the 1st season of Magic Hour. Debbie takes her anger out on one of the shiny goth kids. Also, everyone speaks Spanish.

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Timm the Vampire: Episode 1 – Worst. Date. Ever.


Timm the Vampire: Episode 1 – Worst. Date. Ever.

This audio drama contains explicit material.

Timm is a vampire. He works at Denny’s. His best friend is a bitch, his roommate is a tool, and his only hope for love (or at least lust) is a neo-gothic wannabe vampire. Unfortunately for Timm, life doesn’t get any easier after 4 centuries.

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